What to Wear for your Portrait Session?

Each of us are so unique in style, clothing and accessories.  Trying to figure out how to coordinate an entire family can be intimidating.  But below I have shared some amazing color palettes and combinations.  Try picking one outfit for your child or yourself that has patterns or various colors (such as a plaid or striped top), and then select the remaining outfits for family members with colors from that top. Accesories such as scarves for moms and cute hats for kiddos add an extra level of fun and dimension to the images. Most importantly, wear what makes you feel comfortable.  I recommend clothing that will allow you to sit, kneel, or step (i.e. avoiding tight mini skirts or shorts).

Fall Family Clothing 1.jpg

What to Bring, and things to know, for your Portrait Session

Suggested List of items to bring:

1. Change of Clothes, backup outfit in case of blow outs, spills, or accidents

2. Snacks.  Hungry kids are grumpy kids.  Snacks can be incentives, a chance to take a break, soothe or calm. I recommend this for all kids.

3. Plain blanket. Maybe the area where we want to take pictures is wet, or you don't want grass stains on your kid's jeans. Keep it simple, keep it plain.

4. Toys.  For little ones, a 'lovie' or favorite toy can bring them a great sense of comfort. If your child needs some time to warm up to me, making their 'lovie' sit on my head may be just the right amount of motivation for a smile. 

5. Compact Mirror for mom.  Most of the places we photograph will not have a mirror or window for your convenience to check hair and makeup.

6. Bug Spray. During the heat from June-September, this is sometimes an essential - especially when photographing near bodies of water. 

Things I want you to Know

Plan on letting me take over and being the goof ball for your kids.  I have never used the word 'smile' in trying to get  a happy portrait.  It is best to tease those smiles and giggles out with tickles and shenanigans. Knowing what your kids respond to, helps tremendously! Some children need to get comfortable with me first, so in that instance I ask mom or dad to do the tickling and dancing for me ;)

I know family portrait day is important, and can be frustrating when your kids don't cooperate.  Just remember that if they are having fun, it will show in the photos. Making them feel bad, or worrying about not meeting an expectation, will only give us less than ideal results.  

It is always great to offer incentive for a job well done.  Remember to be encouraging, and remind your kids what treats lay ahead, not what may be taken away if they don't cooperate.  If your children are not allowed to have candy, let me know - as I usually try to bring 'thank you' (BRIBES BRIBES) candies.

Who are the toughest nuts to crack?  80% of the time it's Dad!  I have yet to meet a dad that has told me he loves family portrait day, haha.  So the same formula applies. Make it fun. Make the focus on how much he adores playing with his kids, making them laugh, or getting them to make him laugh.  Moms, I know we are hard on ourselves.  These photos are so important - because most of the time we are the ones taking the pictures. If you love how you look going in, you will love the pictures coming out.  I will guide you on posing do's and dont's, and make you look and feel your best!