family portraits

Spring Time Portraits in Dc Ranch

beautiful #springtimeportraits in DC Ranch. Ideal time is an hour before sunset, when the colors of the desert's spring flowers come to life!

Scottsdale Civic Center Portraits in the Green

The Scottsdale Civic Center is always a beautiful location for portraits. The many flowers and plants are changed out there on a seasonal, sometimes monthly basis - so you are never sure of what you will get. But one of the consistent areas I love is the main park with it's old growth trees, and the water features and flower beds by City Hall. These were taken in September, but March through May will be greenest time for pictures there.


Dc Ranch continues to be my favorite destination for capturing some colors of the desert, and the fall. I was surprised to find green grass and little yellow daisies growing here, in December!

Multiple Family Sessions

I thoroughly enjoy capturing large families.  I especially love when grandparents get their children and grand kids together.  Multiple generations and their multi faceted personalities always make for an amusing and unique session...and crazy fun! And the photos...precious and priceless.  I can't imagine one day doing a portrait session with my girls and their families.  Photos really do mean everything.  Capturing our lives and legacies.